Mina Kelleni

Minia University

Dr. Mina T. Kelleni is an assistant professor of pharmacology at the faculty of medicine, Minia University, Egypt as well as a college of medicine, Jouf University, KSA. He\'s also a clinician practicing internal, family medicine and dermatology since 2006. Dr. Kelleni has published tens of research, review and perspective articles in well reputed medical journals and is serving as an editorial board member of more than 25 international medical journals and was also selected as a member of the organizing committees of more than 10 international medical conferences, meetings, and workshops; invited to speak in more than 120 international medical conferences in major cities and capitals all over Europe, Asia, Australia, and USA.

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In this book, you'll find the latest updates about the current use of anticoagulants in medical practice. This includes clinical pharmacotherapy, laboratory monitoring, and antidotes. You'll also find a special focus on heparin-induced thrombocytopenia, including various mechanisms and presentations. Finally, you'll find important details that will help you to understand what patients receiving anticoagulants know about these drugs and how to improve their quality of life.

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