Mina Kelleni

Minia University Egypt

Dr. Kelleni is an Egyptian general practitioner, senior consultant clinical pharmacologist and assistant professor of pharmacology at college of medicine, Minia University. He's included among the World’s Top 2% most cited scientists in Stanford University list published in October 2022 and some of his COVID-19 papers have been linked to the United Nations SDGs "for helping to tackle some of the world greatest challenges". Dr. Kelleni is a world renowned COVID-19 pharmacotherapeutics expert and he's the developer of Kelleni's Protocol; an early COVID-19 Immunomodulatory Management Protocol safely used to manage pediatric, adult and pregnant COVID-19 patients as well as RSV, Influenza and norovirus infected patients. He's also the founder of Kelleni's COVID Clinic; the first in a region/continent and probably globally focusing on management of patients suffering from COVID and later Post COVID Syndrome through both traditional medicine as well as telemedicine since April 2020. Author of dozens of academic publications with ubiquitous medical research aiming mostly at drug discovery for several chronic and acute diseases ranging from diabetes mellitus, cancer to COVID-19 as well as raising awareness about drug pharmacovigilance in the developing countries. Invited speaker to tens of international medical conferences all over the globe. Member of the editorial board of numerous international medical journals, editor of book discussing anticoagulation state of art. Inventor and one of the right holders of EC-01-002984 Novel neurological drug of combined valproic acid and topiramate and EC-01-002980 Topical use of berberine in treatment of male sexual disorders such as premature ejaculation and/or erectile disfunction. He's also acted as a research grant agency reviewer for Health Research Council of New Zealand and also acted as a reviewer for several international reputable medical journals.

Mina Kelleni

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In this book, you'll find the latest updates about the current use of anticoagulants in medical practice. This includes clinical pharmacotherapy, laboratory monitoring, and antidotes. You'll also find a special focus on heparin-induced thrombocytopenia, including various mechanisms and presentations. Finally, you'll find important details that will help you to understand what patients receiving anticoagulants know about these drugs and how to improve their quality of life.

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