Toonika Rinken

University of Tartu

Toonika Rinken is a senior researcher of environmental chemistry and is leading a biosensor development lab at the Institute of Chemistry at the University of Tartu, Estonia. She received her PhD degree in chemistry in 2000 from the same university for her studies on modeling and calibration of biosensors. She has also pursued and completed professional self-improvement in Uppsala (Sweden) and Gröningen (the Netherlands). Dr. Rinken’s research focuses on the design and development of biosensing systems for automatic monitoring, and the study of signal rising, modeling, and calibration of biosensor-based analytical systems.

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Real-time and reliable detection of molecular compounds and bacteria is essential in modern environmental monitoring. For rapid analyses, biosensing devices combining high selectivity of biomolecular recognition and sensitivity of modern signal-detection technologies offer a promising platform. Biosensors allow rapid on-site detection of pollutants and provide potential for better understanding of the environmental processes, including the fate and transport of contaminants.This book, including 12 chapters from 37 authors, introduces different biosensor-based technologies applied for environmental analyses.

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