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Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University

Dr. Antonina I. Chubarova is medical director of Children\'s City Hospital 13 named after Filatov N.F. , Moscow, Russia and Chair professor of the paediatrics hospital n.a. Tabolin V.A. of Russian National Research Medical University named after Pirogov N.I. Her education and previous work posts include: 1985-1991 Paediatric Faculty of 2nd Moscow Medical Institute, 1991 - MD in Paediatrics 1991-1993 Clinical Resident in Paediatrics 1996 Ph.D. in Medicine Thesis: Morphology and function of small intestine mucosa in infants with central nervous system disorders. 1997-1999 –pediatrician at City Hospital N 67, Moscow; professor\'s assistant Chair of Child Diseases of Russian State Medical University 2000-2007- associate professor 2007 Thesis: Clinical and pathogenic basis of nutritional support in perinatology 2012-2015 vice medical director of Children\'s City Hospital named after Bashlyaeva Z. A.

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Neonatology is a new and quickly developing medical specialty. The rate of child and infant mortality and the incidence of adult diseases on life expectancy in any country are strongly dependent on the quality of medical aid to neonates. This is an area of medicine where a lot of new industrial innovations are used in combination with the humanizing of technologies. This book includes information on several aspects of neonatal care beginning with resuscitation in the delivery room and culminating with methods of constructing a parent-friendly atmosphere. It is addressed to neonatologists, obstetricians, pediatricians, nurses, and social workers.

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