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John Cassidy completed his PhD at the University of Cambridge, where his research focused on understanding and modelling the causes of tumour heterogeneity and how tumour evolution could impact clinical practice. In 2015, he founded to continue this mission and to apply advances in machine learning to the discovery of tumour biomarkers. In 2017, he was included on the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30, and in 2020 was elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Biology. Dr. Cassidy sits on multiple advisory councils and boards both in the United Kingdom and internationally. He has published papers in journals such as Cell and Cancer Research and has helped raise more than £20m in grant funding for cancer research projects.

John Cassidy

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There exists a profound conflict at the heart of oncology drug development. The efficiency of the drug development process is falling, leading to higher costs per approved drug, at the same time personalised medicine is limiting the target market of each new medicine. Even as the global economic burden of cancer increases, the current paradigm in drug development is unsustainable. In this book, we discuss the development of techniques in machine learning for improving the efficiency of oncology drug development and delivering cost-effective precision treatment. We consider how to structure data for drug repurposing and target identification, how to improve clinical trials and how patients may view artificial intelligence.

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