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University of Cantabria Spain

Gustavo A. Ruiz was born in Burgos, Spain, in 1962. He received the M.Sc. degree in physics in 1985 from the University of Navarra, Spain, and the Ph.D. in physical science in 1989 from the University of Cantabria, Santander, Spain. Since 1985, he has been with the Department of Electronics and Computers at the University of Cantabria, where he is currently an Associate Professor. His current research interests are mainly focused on VLSI architectures for signal processing and high-speed arithmetic circuits.

Gustavo Ruiz

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Digital signal processing (DSP) covers a wide range of applications in which the implementation of high-performance systems to meet stringent requirements and performance constraints is receiving increasing attention both in the industrial and academic contexts. Conceived to be available to a wide audience, the aim of this book is to provide students, researchers, engineers and the industrial community with a guide to the latest advances in emerging issues in the design and implementation of DSP systems for application-specific circuits and programmable devices. The book is divided into different sections including real-time audio applications, optical signal processing, image and video processing and advanced architectures and implementations. It will enable early-stage researchers and developers to deal with the important gap in knowledge in the transition from algorithm specification to the design of architectures for VLSI implementations.

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