Xiaogang Wang

Shanxi Eye Hospital

Dr. Xiaogang Wang joined the Shanxi Medical University Shanxi Eye Hospital in 2014 and was awarded the master postgraduate tutor of Shanxi Medical University in 2019. Dr. Wang earned his MD degree from Shanxi Medical University and a PhD degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Dr. Wang completed his international fellowship on optical coherence tomography angiography with Dr. David Huang at the Casey Eye Institute in 2013. Dr. Wang was awarded 2 National Natural Science Foundation of China research project grants that support works that demonstrated clinical application of OCT/OCTA in cataract and artificial intelligence in IOL power calculation. He has published 30 peer-reviewed journal articles and 3 book chapters on ophthalmology.

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The first clinical application of intraocular lens (IOL) goes back to 1949 when Dr. Harold Ridley successfully implanted a PMMA IOL into an eye on 29 November 1949. This innovation is a big step forward for cataract surgery. With development of the IOL material and biocompatibility, more and more IOL types have been used in clinical ophthalmology. This book is the fruit of worldwide cooperation between clinical teams. In this book we discuss the IOL materials and design, aberration and astigmatism correction with IOL, entopic phenomenon of IOL, myopia and phakic IOL, and secondary IOL techniques. We believe that this content provides the readers with a comprehensive knowledge of the latest developments of IOL.

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