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Dr. William Acree is currently Professor of Chemistry at the University of North Texas. He has published more than 560 scientific research articles, plus five books, six book chapters and four encyclopedia articles. He serves as a member on the Editorial Advisory Boards of eight journals and has been a manuscript reviewer for over 60 leading international journals. Professor Acree’s research interests involve developing quantitative structure-property relationships and linear free energy relationships to describe partitioning processes of chemical, environmental and pharmaceutical importance. To date he has derived expressions for predicting the solubility of drug molecules in water and in more than 70 organic solvents of varying polarity, for predicting the distribution of organic compounds and drugs between select rat (and human) tissue samples and blood, for predicting the toxicity of organic compounds to several aquatic organisms, and for predicting the solute partitioning between water and numerous organic solvents.

Bill Acree

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Modern drug design and testing involves experimental in vivo and in vitro measurement of the drug candidate's ADMET (adsorption, distribution, metabolism, elimination and toxicity) properties in the early stages of drug discovery. Only a small percentage of the proposed drug candidates receive government approval and reach the market place. Unfavorable pharmacokinetic properties, poor bioavailability and efficacy, low solubility, adverse side effects and toxicity concerns account for many of the drug failures encountered in the pharmaceutical industry. Authors from several countries have contributed chapters detailing regulatory policies, pharmaceutical concerns and clinical practices in their respective countries with the expectation that the open exchange of scientific results and ideas presented in this book will lead to improved pharmaceutical products.

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