Mira Siderova

Medical University of Varna

Mira Siderova, MD, PhD is an endocrinologist in University Hospital 'St. Marina” and associate professor of Endocrinology and metabolic diseases in Medical University of Varna. Dr Siderova received her MD, endocrine training and her doctorate from the Medical University of Varna and was a post-doctoral research fellow in University of Bari, Italy. In 2015 she was awarded the prize of the Bulgarian endocrine society for best scientific development. She has been involved in teaching and training students, doctors and PhD candidates in diabetes and endocrinology for the last 9 years. She has authored above 70 publications – original papers and reviews, book chapters, a monograph and international conference reports. Her main interests are focused on diabetes, obesity, thyroid diseases and osteoporosis. Dr Siderova is currently an independent ethics expert at the European commission, DG Research and Innovation, as well as a member of the European Thyroid Association (ETA), International Osteoporosis Federation (IOF), Bulgarian Society of Endocrinology (BDE) and Union of scientists in Bulgaria.

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The emergence of type 2 diabetes as a global pandemic is one of the major challenges to health care in the 21st century. This book contains chapters covering the newest scientific concepts in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes, and the complications and approaches in diagnosis and glycemic control. Part of the book is dedicated to the effect of diabetes on the mental functions and treatment strategies to prevent cognitive decline. Glucose monitoring, using cutting-edge technologies, is outlined, as well as the role of health information technologies in diabetes management. Updates on glucose lowering therapy are presented, and the new emerging class of SGLT2 inhibitors is discussed in detail. The purpose of this book is to disseminate knowledge on type 2 diabetes and to contribute to the professional development of physicians, internists, endocrinologists, medical students, and research scientists in diabetes.

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