Gilberto Antonio Bastidas Pacheco

University of Carabobo

Prof. Bastidas is a medical surgeon who graduated from the Universidad de Los Andes, with Diplomas in Prehospital emergency care, Executive management for senior management in health, and health and safety at work. Prof. Bastidas received his Ph.D. in Parasitology. Currently, he is Head of the Department of Public Health at Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Carabobo, Venezuela. He is the author of several articles published in national and international journals and he has served as reviewer number of scientific articles. Prof. Bastidas is part of the Editorial Committee of several national and international magazines, textbook writer and lecturer.

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Parasitic diseases are considered nowadays as an important public health problem due to the high morbidity and mortality rates registered in the world. These diseases result in more severe consequences for the social order of tropical and subtropical countries because many of them have low economic income that makes it even more difficult to design and implement health control programs. This situation opens the door to the emergence and reemergence of these diseases; therefore, it is convenient, necessary, and essential to study and update the epidemiological behavior of tropical diseases with the objective of offering official health professionals and institutions current information for decision-making in this area to ensure social welfare.

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