Sadia Vancauwenbergh

University of Hasselt

Dr. Sadia Vancauwenbergh is the Head of Information Management and Data-Analysis at the Research Coordination Office as well as the Project Leader at the Data Science Institute and Expertise Centre for Research and Development Monitoring at Hasselt University, Belgium. Dr. Vancauwenbergh graduated at KU Leuven as MSc in Biomedical Sciences, after which she obtained her Ph.D. in Medical Sciences, an MSc of management in the Public Sector at UAMS and a Postgraduate degree in Big Data and Analytics at KU Leuven. She was a Research Coordination Manager in the VIB Department of Molecular Genetics at the University of Antwerp, from 2009-2014, after which she moved to her current position at Hasselt University. Over the past years, Dr. Vancauwenbergh has performed research on the semantic interoperability of research information systems, which is an essential cornerstone of Open Science. From her research interest, she is the Vice-Chair of the International Society of Knowledge Organisation - Low Countries Chapter, Board Member of EuroCRIS (International Organisation on current research information systems) and Task Group Leader of the EuroCRIS Standards and Classifications Working Group. Furthermore, she has been working as a Belgian Delegate in the EOSC Landscape Working Group, as well as the EOSC Skills and Training Working Group and is involved in different Flemish Working Groups on Research Data Management and Open Science. She has published several scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and serves as a reviewer for several scientific peer-reviewed journals.

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