Sadia Vancauwenbergh

University of Hasselt

Sadia Vancauwenbergh is head of the Information Management and Strategic Data Analysis Unit at Hasselt University, Belgium, and Project Leader at ECOOM, an Expertise Centre for Research Development monitoring in Flanders, Belgium. She is president of euroCRIS, the International Organization for Research Information, and vice-chair of the International Society of Knowledge Organization – Low Countries Chapter. Dr. Vancauwenbergh’s research interests are focused on Open Science and CRIS systems, particularly semantic interoperability. She was a member of the EOSC Working Groups for Landscape and Skills and Training and is a convener of the EOSC Association Task Force Semantic Interoperability. She is also a member of the Commission International/Federal Cooperation on Open Science, Belgium; the Flemish Open Science Board; and chair of the FOSB Working Group Metadata & Standardization.

Sadia Vancauwenbergh

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Over the past decades, traditional academic library environments have transformed into digital libraries. This has resulted in many challenges for libraries in terms of the reinvention of libraries’ roles and organizations, the skill sets of librarians, and library infrastructure. At the same time, this profound transformation has opened the door to many new avenues, such as the support and advancement of Open Science. This book offers insights into the transformation of traditional library environments to digital libraries and details how digital libraries can contribute to Open Science, in particular to Open Access, FAIR and Open Data, and Open Education, by describing methods, criteria, strengths, and weaknesses as well as applications.

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