Haikel Jelassi

Centre National des Sciences et Technologies Nucléaires

Prof. Dr. Haikel Jelassi is an associate professor of physics and leader of the atomic and plasma group in the National Centre for Nuclear Sciences and Technologies (CNSTN) in Tunisia. Dr. Haikel Jelassi is interested in many research fields in fundamental as well as in applied physics, in atomic, molecular and plasma physics. He\'s in charge of the construction of the first Tunisian atomic clock. He is also interested in the research reactors and plasma Tokomak reactors. He has authored more than 18 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, as well as one patent. He has supervised several PhD and undergraduate students. He\'s also active through the Tunisian Physical Society where he acts as a member of the national board. He organized several conferences and workshops probing several scoop for the North African and Arab regions. Dr. Haikel Jelassi is a member of three journal\'s editorial boards. He is TWAS young affiliate and a member of the new born network TYAN network.

Haikel Jelassi

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Usually called the "fourth state of matter," plasmas make up more than 99% of known material. In usual terminology, this term generally refers to partially or totally ionized gas and covers a large number of topics with very different characteristics and behaviors. Over the last few decades, the physics and engineering of plasmas was experiencing a renewed interest, essentially born of a series of important applications such as thin-layer deposition, surface treatment, isotopic separation, integrated circuit etchings, medicine, etc. Plasma Science & Technology - Basic Fundamentals and Modern Applications presents the basic fundamentals behind plasma physics along with some of their most important modern applications.

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