Sandeep Reddy

Deakin University

Sandeep is a certified medical informatician with a background in Medicine, Public Health and Healthcare Management. He is currently engaged in research in medical informatics and program evaluation.

Sandeep Reddy

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As the costs and resources of delivering health services have increased over the years, the importance of evaluating health services and interventions has become essential. An evaluation provides a systematic process of assessing the efficacy and efficiency of health services, including an assessment of their impact on beneficiaries, whether it be individuals or communities. Evaluation in the health sector includes the evaluation of burden disease where human and economic costs resulting from poor health are measured.In this book, various evaluation studies are detailed, providing an excellent resource for both evaluation practitioners and academics alike. The geographical range and variety of case studies showcase how evaluation has become integral for health service planning and assessment and to assist public health policy makers decide how to use limited resources to minimize burden and inequity. This book will act as a ready resource for both workers experienced in health service evaluation and those intending to learn about burden of disease of evaluation.

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