Ghedira Kais

Institut Pasteur de Tunis

Dr. Kais Ghedira is an assistant professor in Institut Pasteur of Tunis (IPT) holding a PhD degree in bioinformatics. He has been involved in several international and national projects funded by European Commission, IPT, and NIH and is mainly involved in bioinformatics education and training in Africa. Dr. Ghedira is a bioinformatician with biological background. He is mainly interested in functional genomics and integrative biology, analysis of NGS high-throughput data (genome assembly, metagenomics), comparative genomics, gene expression (microarrays) and gene regulation analysis, and database and web tools development.

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This book focuses on the transcriptional and post-transcriptional gene regulations and presents a detailed portrait of many novel aspects related to highlighting the importance of key TFs in some vital biological processes, the role of certain TFs to control some infectious diseases, the role of non-coding RNAs in controlling mRNA expression, the involvement of these non-coding RNAs in diseases, and the interplay between TFs and microRNAs as key players for gene expression regulation giving a complete picture of how genes are regulated at the cellular level. The editor embarked upon this writing project entitled "Transcriptional and Post-transcriptional Regulation" to make pertinent contributions accessible to the scientific community. Hopefully, a large audience will enjoy reading and benefit from the chapters of this book.

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