Ghedira Kais

Institut Pasteur de Tunis

Kais Ghedira is a bioinformatician at Institut Pasteur de Tunis, Tunisia. He has been a principal investigator/co-investigator/WP leader for several national and international grants. He has contributed to building capacities in bioinformatics at the national and international levels. He is an active member of the Genome Tunisia Collaborative Alliance (GTCA) which aims to sequence Tunisian genomes to improve disease diagnostics in Tunisian patients. He is contributing to implementing genomic medicine in Tunisia, both the region and the continent. Dr. Ghedira is the author/co-author of more than fifty publications in highly ranked journals and is co-editor of several books. He is mainly interested in functional genomics, multiomics data integration, network generation and analysis, NGS data analysis, host-pathogen interaction study, and databases and webtools development.

Ghedira Kais

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This book discusses the application of bioinformatics in cancer disease management. It covers general aspects of cancer as a disease but also as a success story in the translation of omics data in clinical settings. It provides an overview of the specific applications of bioinformatics tools in cancer epidemiology, prevention, and screening and in the identification of novel genetic and molecular biomarkers involved in cancer development. This is accomplished through the inclusion of numerous examples of the use of bioinformatics in precision oncology.

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