Fernando Sebastián García Einschlag

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Fernando S. García Einschlag was born in La Plata (Argentina) in 1969. He studied biochemistry at the University of La Plata and got his degree in 1995. From 1995 to 2001 he worked on his PhD Thesis “Photodegradation of nitroaromatic compounds by the UV/H2O2 process” at INIFTA (University of La Plata). In 2001, through a DAAD grant, he made a post-doc stay with Prof. Dr. André M. Braun and Prof. Dr. Esther Oliveros at the Karlsruhe University (Germany). During the stay in Germany he started working on the application of Fenton systems for waste water treatment. From 2005, he is a member of CONICET and since 2008, he is a professor at the La Plata University. His scientific work is mainly related to issues such as the evaluation of the efficiency of Advanced Oxidation Processes; the application of mathematical tools for kinetic and spectral analysis; and the development of simplified models for the quantitative description of complex reaction mechanisms. He is an author of 20 peer-reviewed publications in international journals.

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The steady increase in industrialization, urbanization and enormous population growth are leading to production of huge quantities of wastewaters that may frequently cause environmental hazards. This makes waste water treatment and waste water reduction very important issues. The book offers a collection of studies and findings concerning waste water treatment, minimization and reuse.

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