Faheem Uddin

Iqra University Pakistan

Faheem Uddin earned a Ph.D. in Textile Special Finishing from the University of Manchester, UK. His current research interests are in the processing of the textile fiber, clay study, flame retardancy, cellulose/cotton cross-linking, and environment-friendly processing. He is the principal author of more than 40 research publications in reputed journals. He is the author of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) award-winning research paper on montmorillonite clay that is a highly cited paper to date and has over 26 000 ResearchGate reads. He is a fellow of The Textile Institute, United Kingdom, and received the Best Research Paper Award by HEC, Pakistan, and the Research Productivity Award, PSF, Pakistan, and RULA Best Researcher of The Year 2019. He is presently serving as a professor at Iqra University, Karachi, Pakistan

Faheem Uddin

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The significance of environmental sustainability is undoubtedly important for life and survival of mankind. The emerging material and product world is now searching for material, structure, and processes that are supportive of the environment. The materials rendering the desired performance without harming the environment are viable for the sustainable growth of the industry. Therefore, montmorillonite clay becomes an attractive material in making various products. The book chapters are written to provide scientific understanding and knowledge to scholars, students, faculty members, and laboratory and industry workers of the subject of montmorillonite clay, including its structure and properties, use in composite, industrial application, and testing and evaluation using analytical techniques. The book’s contents signify how important montmorillonite clay is in material and product development in the current industrial marketplace.

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