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Dr. Mudassar Abbas pursued his PhD in the field of technical chemistry from the Graz University of Technology and was awarded with a doctoral degree in Natural Sciences (Dr. rer. nat.). During his PhD, he participated in many educational activities, conferences, and meetings, where he scientifically contributed with his writings and engaged in interdisciplinary work. After completing his PhD, he continued his research as a Post-Doctoral research fellow in the same group. Before that he obtained his MSc degree from Punjab University Lahore after graduating from FC College University, Lahore. During his postgraduate studies, the major areas of research were synthesis and studies of acid dyes and polyvinylacetate. Keeping in view the demands and practical application of these materials in industry, he started his professional carrier in the textile industry. Dr. Abbas then gained one year industrial experience, and afterwards diversified as an academic professional where he taught chemistry at various levels. Today, Dr. Abbas is an associate professor in the School of Textile and Design of University of Management and Technology, Lahore, and his current areas of research include 'the development of applied materials (ranging from nano-tomacromolecules)”.

Mudassar Abbas

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This book covers natural fibers at the basic level as well as a few advanced approaches for recent trends in natural fibers. The core chapters include an introduction to cellulosic fibers like cotton, protein fibers like silk, and other natural fibers. Overall the book provides comprehensive knowledge of natural fibers.

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Generation, Development and Modifications of Natural Fibers IntechOpen
Generation, Development and Modificatio... Edited by Mudassar Abbas

Generation, Development and Modifications of Natural Fibers

Edited by Mudassar Abbas