Serpil Edebali

Selçuk University Turkey

Assist. Prof. Dr. Serpil Edebali is a researcher in Chemical Engineering Department of Selcuk University. She has been involved in FP7 project Lignofood and COST 637 related with arsenic removal with membranes. Her studies are focused on separation techniques especially sorption via nanomaterials, microcapsules with biomaterials as well as membrane technology for the removal of heavy metals and dyes. She has publications in leading scholarly journals and citations.

Serpil Edebali

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At the beginning of the twenty-firstst century, separation processes presented a comprehensive application of the major operations performed by various industries, such as chemical, food, environmental, and biotechnology. Sorption, one of the preferred separation processes because of its effectiveness at different interfaces, has caught the attention of many scientists. This book is aimed at gaining a general knowledge of sorption and a number of extremely important applications, as well as recognizing its functions and paramount importance in chemical and biochemical plants, including environmental treatment. Moreover, progress in the phenomenon is highlighted in this book. To help provide instruction in the important sorption processes, we have chosen authors who have extensive industrial and academic experience in closing the gap between theory and practice. Crucial progress in the theoretical information section of sorption has been achieved, mainly through the development of new techniques that examine the usage of various sorbents, including nanomaterials for the removal of various pollutants. We have subdivided the book into several sections, one of which is focused on applications of the sorption process, which presents real results of the recent studies and gives a source of up-to-date literature. The relationship between the sorption process and isotherm and kinetics modeling is analyzed in another chapter. This book will be a reference book for those who are interested in sorption techniques from various industries.

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