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Dr. Norbert Edomah is currently a Senior Lecturer at the Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos, Nigeria. He holds a doctorate degree in Energy and Environmental Sustainability from the Global Sustainability Institute, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK. Prior to joining the Pan-Atlantic University, he worked for over 10 years in the manufacturing and engineering services sectors. His experience spans through plant operations and maintenance to sales, marketing and business development of engineering products and solutions with leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) such as Schneider Electric and TetraPak. He is the author of several academic peer-reviewed journal articles on various aspects of energy and sustainability. He has collaborative research experience with notable international agencies such as UNIDO, REN21 and Heinrich Boll Stiftung (HBS).

Norbert Edomah

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Regional development is a broad term but can be seen as a general effort to reduce regional disparities by supporting (employment and wealth-generating) economic activities in regions. In the past, regional development policy tended to try to achieve these objectives by means of large-scale infrastructure development and by attracting inward investment” (OECD, 2014).A territorial and regional approach to development is crucial in addressing regional challenges, regional economic competitiveness, and reducing socio-economic discrepancies. This book provides a forum to articulate and discuss Africa’s regional development issues in view of the rising opportunities within the African region. This volume contains 14 chapters and is organized in four sections: Introduction; Industry, Trade and Investment in Africa; Agricultural Services and the Water-energy-food Nexus in Africa; and Environmental and Cultural Dimensions to Africa’s Regional Development.

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