Javier Alberto Pérez Castán

Technical University of Madrid Spain

Javier Alberto Pérez Castán was born in 1989 in Huesca Spain. He has got a BSc degree from Aeronautical Engineering, MSc degree from Aerospace Engineering and PhD from Aerospace Engineering of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. His expertise focuses on aerospace and procedure design, risk assessment and RPAS integration in ATM. Nowadays, Prof. Pérez Castán is a researcher and lecturer in Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and belongs to the Navigation Area Research Group (GINA).

Javier Alberto Pérez Castán

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One of the most complex challenges for the future of aviation is to ensure a safe integration of the expected air traffic demand. Air traffic is expected to almost double its current value in 20 years, which cannot be managed without the development and implementation of a safe air traffic management (ATM) system. In ATM, risk assessment is a crucial cornerstone to validate the operation of air traffic flows, airport processes, or navigation accuracy. This book tries to be a focal point and motivate further research by encompassing crosswise and widespread knowledge about this critical and exciting issue by bringing to light the different purposes and methods developed for risk assessment in ATM.

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