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Middle East Technical University

Dr. Ayşem Berrin Çakmaklı is an instructor in Department of Architecture at METU. She received her B.Arch. and M.S. degrees from the Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture. She also received her Ph.D. from Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture in Building Science. Her master thesis is about sustainable architecture and sustainable building materials and their effects on human and environment health. The title of her Ph.D. thesis is 'Life Cycle Assessment of Building Materials in Hotel Refurbishment Projects: A Case Study in Ankara”. Her main fields of interest are ecological and sustainable architecture and building materials, energy efficiency and life cycle assessment of buildings, building performance evaluations and lighting in architecture. She is teaching environmental design lectures, energy and environment lectures, appropriate building materials lectures, building detailing modelling and basic design studio.

Aysem Cakmakli

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As one of the largest consumers of energy, the housing sector and its unconscious occupants' activities negatively affect the environment. Architects and engineers have a major role in resolving the associated problems while maintaining comfort for occupants. Also very important are environmental education and awareness of appropriate environmental development in designing activity and selecting building materials and products. There are different architectural strategies that are aimed to achieve a low-energy built environment. Determining the needed strategy according to function, economy, and occupant comfort and affordability is the crucial step. This book helps the reader to achieve a sustainable development without destruction of the resources while maintaining a growing universal awareness of protecting the living and non-living environment.

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