Muthanna G. Abdul Razzaq

American University in the Emirates

Professor Muthanna Abdul Razzaq, completed his Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Accounting from Al Mustansirya University. He got his Postgraduate Diploma in Cost Accounting from Baghdad University and moved to the UK to finish his Ph.D in Management Accounting, form the University of Manchester (UMIST). Starting his career with the Ministry or Irrigation, soon his passion towards education compelled him to join Baghdad University, where he continued for more than five years. Taking a step further in 1997 Professor Muthanna joined as the Acting Chair of the Department of Accounting at the College of Business Administration at Applied Science University, Amman, Jordan and later in 1999 as the Deputy Dean of Faculty of Business Administration at Ajman University of Science and Technology, Ajman, United Arab Emirates (UAE). His passion towards bringing educational excellence in UAE motivated him to propose and establish Abu Dhabi University (ADU) in the year 2000 as a founder and one of the owners and consistently and diligently for five years he continued his academic journey at Abu Dhabi University. Professor Muthanna also served in various capacities such as Chairman of Academic Committee, Member of the Board of Trustees, Vice President for Scientific Research, Member of the Board of the Governors, Vice Chancellor for Administrative and Financial Affairs at American University in Dubai (AUD) and member of the Board of Trustees at American University of Afghanistan. His constant drive to excel inspired him to establish the American University of the Emirates (AUE) in the year 2006, also serving as the President and CEO, Member of the Board of Trustees and Partner of AUE. An accountant by profession, Professor Muthanna is a visionary who carries with him a perfect blend of administrative and academic exposure, with equal grip in accounting related subjects. A selfless initiator, Professor Muthanna with a broad vision, is dedicated to spending his life to the cause of education and educational reforms that led him to establish American University in Kurdistan (AUK), Duhok in the year 2013 to satiate the intellectual needs of the region and for the wellbeing of community.

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