Sayyad Zahid Qamar

Sultan Qaboos University

Dr. Zahid Qamar, Sayyad is currently working as a professor at the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department, Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), Muscat, Oman. He has over 25 years of academic and research experience from different international universities. He has also worked as a professional mechanical engineer in the field for over six years in the heavy engineering and fabrication industry in the following positions: Manager Research and Development; Deputy Manager Design; Production Engineer; and Quality Control Engineer. His research areas are applied materials and manufacturing; applied mechanics and design; reliability engineering; and engineering education. As part of the Applied Mechanics and Advanced Materials Research Group (AM2R) at SQU, he has been involved in different applied research–funded projects in excess of four million US dollars. He has over 200 research/technical publications to his credit (research monographs, edited book volumes, book chapters, publications in refereed international journals and conferences, and technical reports). He has served as associate editor, guest editor, and member of the editorial board for different research journals (including Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Journal of Elastomers and Plastics, the Journal of Engineering Research, American Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, etc).

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Swelling elastomers are being increasingly used as sealing elements in many applications in the petroleum industry. Pre- and post-swelling material characterization and performance analysis under actual field conditions are very important before the actual deployment of swell packers. The main theme of this research monograph is the performance analysis of swelling elastomer seals used in petroleum drilling and development applications, using all three investigation methods: experimental, numerical, and analytical. The major contributions and applications of this work include insight into the behavior of swelling elastomers and understanding of the swelling phenomenon, performance analysis and optimal selection of swelling elastomers for a given set of field conditions, and design improvement of swelling elastomer packers and other sealing applications.

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