Walter Gustavo Fano

University of Buenos Aires Argentina

Dr. Walter Gustavo Fano received his PhD in Engineering and Electronic Engineering from the University of Buenos Aires. He directs the FIUBA Electromagnetic Radiation Laboratory. He was a professor at the EST Army, ITBA, UNPSJB and currently at the University of Buenos Aires. He was co-author of 3 books, 1 book chapter and 5 book chapters in press. He has published many papers in magazines and conferences. He was president of the IEEE AP & EMC Soc. Chapter, president of the IEEE Gemccon 2016, president of the Congress of AP & EMC IEEE and UBA in 2013, and president of Advances in Antenna Test and Measurement IEEE 2011. He collaborated in the organization of numerous conferences and was a senior member of IEEE.

Walter Gustavo Fano

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This book is dedicated to the interaction of electromagnetic wave radiation in matter, such as the wave propagation in a plasmonic and conductive state, that are dispersive media. The different measurement methods of electrical properties of soils have been studied using several applications. The experimental results of the thermoelectric properties of a chalcogenide system and the electrical conductivity of molten salts and ionic conduction in electrolyte solutions are discussed. The application of an electric field impulse and its influence on the immune responses of animals by increasing different elements of the immune response is discussed. The electromagnetic radiation transmission through skin samples of pigs of different ages have been measured in order to understand the process of absorption and conversion. The methods and results are covered in the book.

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