Caterina Casavola

Polytechnic University of Bari Italy

Prof. Casavola is a full professor of Mechanical Design at Politecnico di Bari and she teaches Design of Innovative Materials, Experimentation on Aerostructures and Experimental Mechanics. Prof Casavola’s research activity is concerned with mechanical characterization of innovative materials, experimental stress analysis on real components (1:1 scale) and in situ inspection, study of residual stress generation, evolution and measurements (hole drilling method both with strain gage rosette and ESPI, X-Ray diffractometer, Barkhausen noise), and monitoring of electronic board and components by means of speckle interferometry. Prof. Casavola is the Scientific Director of the Laboratory of Static and Dynamic tests, Laboratory of Residual Stresses, Laboratory of Experimental Stress Analysis, Laboratory EMILIA (Experimental Mechanics Integrated Laboratory In Aerospace), and the Laboratory of Telemetry at Politecnico di Bari.

Caterina Casavola

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Residual stresses (RS) are stresses present inside materials even in the absence of any applied load. They are of capital importance because they can impact greatly on the mechanical strength of the material, on its dimensional correspondence to design specifications as well as on the fatigue life of the part. RS measurement and evaluation is currently an important research topic where a lot of challenges still need to be addressed. This book aims to provide the reader with an overview of the principal novelties in this field including current limitations and potential future developments. Both radically new experimental approaches as well as recent evolutions of consolidated ones will be presented, along with the latest novelties in the area of numerical residual stress evaluation.

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