Kuo Hung Huang

National Chiayi University Taiwan

Kuo Hung Huang is professor and chairman in the Department of E-learning Design and Management at National Chiayi University, Taiwan. His current research interests are in the areas of GIS in education, digital library, distance learning, and computer education. For years, he has been participating in the Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program for promoting the digital library resources in schools. In addition, he distributes animations of the digitized resources to the general public for further disseminating knowledge and culture. Since 2011, he is conducting collaborative projects with a foreign university for integrating digital libraries in classrooms.

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Digital library is commonly seen as a type of information retrieval system which stores and accesses digital content remotely via computer networks. However, the vision of digital libraries is not limited to technology or management, but user experience. This book is an attempt to share the practical experiences of solutions to the operation of digital libraries. To indicate interdisciplinary routes towards successful applications, the chapters in this book explore the implication of digital libraries from the perspectives of design, operation, and promotion. Without common agreement on a broadly accepted model of digital libraries, authors from diverse fields seek to develop theories and empirical investigations that to advance our understanding of digital libraries.

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