Luiza Rusu

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Luiza Rusu is a visiting scientist at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Ohio State University. A medical doctor from Bucharest, Romania, she received her PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2013 and then worked as postdoctoral researcher at University of Illinois at Chicago and at Ohio State University. She is best known for her studies on endothelial cell G protein signaling in hemostasis and thrombosis. Her interests include understanding the pathophysiological role of endothelial cell vWF secretion in the severe endothelial dysfunction syndrome (SEDS). She was granted NIH and AHA awards during her graduate and postdoctoral studies. Dr Rusu published several peer-reviewed papers and served as guest reviewer for international journals, and she is the holder of a registered patent on the effects of a novel inhibitor of vWF secretion on thrombosis, organ failure, and survival.

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