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University of Lisbon

Adilson Marques is a professor at the University of Lisbon, Portugal. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Physical Education, a master’s in Public Health, and PhDs in Sciences of Education, Sports Science and Health Sciences. Adilson Marques was a physical education teacher for nine years. His main research interests are health promotion, correlates of physical activity, and fitness. He recently is studying the relationship between physical activity, fitness, and mental health. He has published several international peer-reviewed articles and has been an investigator in several research projects. He is a reviewer for several scientific journals in the field of sports science and health promotion. He is a member of the National Physical Activity Promotion Program at the Portuguese Ministry of Health.

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Nowadays, the increasing availability of technology and the transition towards more sedentary occupations and recreation activities make sedentary behaviours an emerging research topic in behavioural epidemiology. This is particularly important because the available evidence consolidates the harmful relationship between sedentary behaviour and cardiometabolic risk markers and health outcomes. While the feasibility and benefits of changing sedentary behaviours have been demonstrated, this knowledge underpins the need for intersectoral public health interventions in workplaces and school settings. This book examines sedentary behaviours, current methods of assessment, the risk these behaviours present to individual health, and the importance of their interruption.

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