Matjaz Merc

University Clinical Centre Maribor Slovenia

Matjaz Merc is an orthopaedic surgeon at the Department of orthopaedics in UMC Maribor, Slovenia working also as assistant on Faculty of medicine in Maribor. He graduated in 2008 on faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana, Slovenia and earned his Ph.D in 2015 on Faculty of Medicine in Maribor. He was a visiting fellow at the Department of orthopaedics at University clinic in Basel, Switzerland, Speising Spital, Vienna, Austria and KBC Šalata, Zagreb, Croatia where he got subspecialized. His clinical work is based on foot and ankle surgery, paediatric orthopaedics as well as sports medicine. His research interests are mainly based on application of rapid prototyping technology in orthopaedics. Since 2010 he cooperates with NK Maribor football club working as a doctor in medical team.

Matjaz Merc

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Professional and semiprofessional sports as well as excessive amateur exercise inevitably lead to some degree of musculoskeletal injury once in a sportsman's career. Some injuries are represented as chronic injuries, which can result in irreversible long-term tissue changes and deformities. The subject of this book is to represent the up-to-date knowledge about etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, management, and prevention of chronic injuries or sport-related long-term changes in locomotor system.

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