Nicolás O. Rojas

Service de Physique de lÉtat Condense; (SPEC

Ph.D in Physics | Research Disciplines: Nonlinear physics, statistical mechanics, biological physics, fluid dynamics, statistical hydrodynamics, thermodynamics of mixing, lubrication theory, theory of elasticity, fluid-structure interaction, superparamagnetic colloids, magnetohydrodynamics, finite differences method, finite elements method. | Research Experience: 2017 - 2018 Research Associate at Service de Physique de l\'Etat Condensé (SPEC), CEA‒Saclay. | 2016 Research Associate at GRASP, Institute of Physics, Université de Liège. | 2015 Research Associate, MCND and School of Mathematics, The University of Manchester. | 2012 - 2014 Research Associate, Faculty of Engineering, Universidad de Valparaíso. | Publications: 10 articles, from which 8 indexed ISI and 2 articles indexed in international databases | 2013, 2017 Referee for Physics of Fluids | 2015, 2017 Referee for Journal of Fluid Mechanics | 2018 Referee for Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science.

Nicolás O. Rojas

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This book presents a selection of works on pattern formation and stability of magnetic colloids. Magnetic liquids can be investigated in different scenarios. Geometry (quasi 1, 2 and 3 dimensional vessels ), scales (molecules, macroscopic particles) and the type of suspension (e.g., ferromagnetic, superparamagnetic) employed in experiments completely modify the aggregation process. The observed patterns in the fluid range from surface waves to bulk chains and bundles. The approaches presented in this book use standard statistical means such as the Gibbs free energy and chemical potential. Numerical works are implemented employing methods such as Monte Carlo or Langevin dynamics simulations. Kinetic theory is used in theoretical approaches being successfully applied to algorithms such as the Lattice-Boltzmann method.

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