Alberto Ros

University of Murcia Spain

Alberto Ros received the MS and PhD degree in computer science from the Universidad de Murcia, Spain, in 2004 and 2009, respectively. In 2005, he joined the Computer Engineering Department at the same university as a PhD student with a fellowship from the Spanish government. His research interests include cache coherence protocols, memory hierarchy designs, and scalable multiprocessor architectures.

Alberto Ros

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The 14 chapters presented in this book cover a wide variety of representative works ranging from hardware design to application development. Particularly, the topics that are addressed are programmable and reconfigurable devices and systems, dependability of GPUs (General Purpose Units), network topologies, cache coherence protocols, resource allocation, scheduling algorithms, peertopeer networks, largescale network simulation, and parallel routines and algorithms. In this way, the articles included in this book constitute an excellent reference for engineers and researchers who have particular interests in each of these topics in parallel and distributed computing.

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