Yasemin Yıldız

Sakarya University

Yasemin Yıldız completed her master\'s degree at the Department of Physical Chemistry at the SAU Institute of Science and Technology in 2008. She worked at Neutec Ltd. as Arge Analyst. As a lecturer Dr. Yasemin Yıldız received an invitation from the University of Pristina to study at the Chemistry Department, Faculty of Education at Prizren University in 2014. During her visit her research was related to membrane preparation, extraction and metals separation, membrane stability and lifetime. She now works at Sakarya University.

Yasemin Yıldız

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In addition to theoretical information, this book provides information on cobalt compounds and nanoparticles made at selected universities and research centers around the world.This book includes information on new cobalt approaches, nanostructured cobalt, and new catalysts in some reactions and biological systems and technologies.I deeply appreciate the authors? great contributions to this work.We hope that the book will shed light on new horizons for scientists, engineers, and students.

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