Varaprasad Bobbarala PhD

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Varaprasad Bobbarala has a doctorate from Andhra University with a specialization in Biochemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, and Microbiology. He is currently editor-in-chief, associate editor, editorial board member as well as reviewer of dozens of high-impact international periodicals. He has authored/co-authored research and review articles in numerous peer-reviewed national and international journals in various subjects related to biomedicine, pharmacy, and microbiology. Dr. Varaprasad previously served as the Chief Scientist of Research and Development at Krisani Innovations Pvt. Ltd., before his current role as the Chief Scientist and Director of Adhya Biosciences Pvt. Ltd., India. He is currently working in the area of clinical diagnostics, antimicrobial resistance, drug discovery, production of commercially important chemicals by biotechnology routes, isolation of bio-active metabolites, and bio-efficacy studies.

Varaprasad Bobbarala PhD

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Clinical Correlation and Diagnosis highlights the improvements in methodological approaches for the purposes of disease diagnosis and health research. Chapters cover such topics as serum protein electrophoresis, urinary iodine measurement, blood collection tubes, semi-solid phase assay and advancement in analytical and bioanalytical techniques, and serological diagnostic tools for Zika virus, among other subjects. All these will not be possible without a proper laboratory management where this book also includes the Tissue Bank ATMP Production as a model. The chapters are expected to provide a new perspective in health science which may trigger a further exploration into the diagnostic and research field.

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