Jeffrey Zheng

Yunnan UniversityChina

1981 Algorithm & Architecture ME degree, Graduate School of Chinese Science Academy 1994 Conjugate Image Analysis & Processing PhD Department of Computer Science, Monash University 1983-1987 Assistant Professor, ICT Academia Sinica 1987-1990 Visiting Scientist, ISS National University of Singapore 1990-1994 PhD Candidate, Monash University, Australia 1994-1998 Research Fellow, Victoria University of Technology, Australia 1998-2002 Senior Software Engineer, CSIRO Manufacturing Science & Technology, Australia 2003- Director, Conjugate Systems Pty Ltd 2004- Director, Conjugate Systems unming Ltd Co. 2004- Professor & Director, Department of Information Security, School of Software, Yunnan University, Kunming, Yunnan P.R. China

4chapters authored