Mike Barbeck

University Medical Center Hamburg- Eppendorf

Mike Barbeck has 17 years of experience in regenerative biomedical research working at institutes in Germany. He works on research into the principles of biomaterial-mediated tissue regeneration, which has resulted in 62 papers in peer-reviewed journals and a variety of congress distributions. His research has led to further elucidation of cellular fundamentals of the foreign body response to different biomaterials with special focus on the role and differentiation of macrophages and multinucleated giant cells for tissue regeneration. His key interests are tissue regeneration, bone regeneration, bone substitute materials, collagen-based biomaterials, inflammatory cell/tissue responses to biomaterials, degradation of biomaterials, tissue responses to biomaterials, macrophages and wound healing, and biocalcification.

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This book is a collection of chapters from different biomaterial experts, including their design, new insights into the molecular basis of their interaction with the organism, and their successful application. The chapters have been organized to illustrate different aspects of multidisciplinary biomaterial science. Thus, this book should give readers a view into the different biomaterial disciplines and methodologies that are needed for specific clinical applications.

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