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Tonči Carić received his B.Sc. and the M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb in 1993 and 2000 respectively. He received his Ph.D. degree in 2004 from Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, University of Zagreb. He is currently working at the Department of Intelligent Transportation Systems, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Science, University of Zagreb as an Associate Professor and Head of Chair for Applied Computing. He participated as a researcher in R&D projects funded by European Commission, national research projects and professional projects in cooperation with industry. His main research interests are: combinatorial optimization, moving object databases and intelligent transportation systems. He is a member of INFORMS, IEEE and Scientific Council for Traffic at Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Tonči Carić

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The Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) dates back to the end of the fifties of the last century when Dantzig and Ramser set the mathematical programming formulation and algorithmic approach to solve the problem of delivering gasoline to service stations. Since then the interest in VRP evolved from a small group of mathematicians to a broad range of researchers and practitioners from different disciplines who are involved in this field today. Nine chapters of this book present recent improvements, innovative ideas and concepts regarding the vehicle routing problem. It will be of interest to students, researchers and practitioners with knowledge of the main methods for the solution of the combinatorial optimization problems.

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