Muhammad Ahmad

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant Institute

Dr. Muhammad Ahmad is the only surgeon in history to develop various new classifications regarding different aspects of hair restoration. These include a new classification system for hair loss, Ahmad’s NPRT system; a new classification for scalp hair, LGMA classification; and a comprehensive classification of hair transection. He has also published Ahmad’s Cosmetic Surgery Scar Scale and Ahmad’s Hair Transplant Assessment Scale. He is the only Pakistani plastic surgeon to receive the Merit Award from the Australian and New Zealand Burns Association (2004). He was also awarded first prize at the annual meeting of the Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons (AAHRS), Bangkok, Thailand, in 2017. In 2018, he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Pakistan Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. Dr. Ahmad has more than 150 publications in national and international journals. He is also editor and reviewer of many international journals. He is among few ABHRS Diplomates who have more than 100 publications.

Muhammad Ahmad

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Wound Healing presents recent information and basic knowledge about wound management, including healing mechanisms and actions. It provides a comprehensive overview of the subject, including pathophysiology and clinical and medical management. Chapters cover such topics as negative pressure wound management, hypertrophic scarring, biomaterials derived from plants, insulin use, and modified collagen. This book will help dermatologists, students, surgeons, and physicians who treat patients with wounds.

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