Anamaria Berea

University of Central Florida

Dr. Berea holds a Ph.D. in economics (2010) and computational social science (2012) and her current research is focused on the emergence of communication in biological and social networks, by applying theories and methods from economics, complex systems, and information theory to understand fundamental patterns of communication in both living and non-living systems. She is an interdisciplinary scientist and uses a wide range of computational methods (agent-based modeling, network analysis, predictive analytics, natural language processing techniques, Bayesian Networks, semantic analyses and machine learning) as well as complex science and economic modeling to study heterogeneous, noisy, complex systems phenomena.

Anamaria Berea

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This book is an interdisciplinary effort to understand the evolution of communication from cells to societies, both in living organisms and in non-living ones, such as designed or emergent systems from socio-technological innovations (i.e., digital communication, institutional communication). It aims to provide better understanding of the universal versus contextual patterns of communication that we can potentially classify and identify if we look deeper into the history and evolution of this phenomenon at large. Novel research from a variety of disciplines, such as information theory, biology, linguistics, culture and social science that take a complex perspective is being explored, for an integrated understanding of what communication is at a fundamental level.

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A Complex Systems Perspective of Communication from Cells to Societies IntechOpen
A Complex Systems Perspective of Commun... Edited by Anamaria Berea

A Complex Systems Perspective of Communication from Cells to Societies

Edited by Anamaria Berea