Keshav Sud

University of Illinois at Chicago

Dr. Keshav Sud got his doctorate from the University of Illinois at Chicago, he has spent his career researching and developing mathematical models for vehicle autonomy, optimization and business analytics. Dr. Sud spent his early career developing in Matlab before he shifted to Python, he was still one of the early adopters of open-source for main line development and observed firsthand how code sharing empowered and enriched the open source society. Dr. Sud is passionate about open-source programming and credits the rapid progress observed in fields such as machine learning and data science to reduction in computing costs and sharing of code across the industry. Dr. Sud believes that the biggest contributions of open-source will be breakthrough in medical research.

Keshav Sud

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Latest work with IntechOpen by Keshav Sud

“Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning” has been created with the goal to provide beginners seeking to learn about data science, data enthusiasts, and experienced data professionals with a deep understanding of data science application development using open-source programming from start to finish. This book is divided into four sections: the first section contains an introduction to the book, the second covers the field of data science, software development, and open-source based embedded hardware; the third section covers algorithms that are the decision engines for data science applications; and the final section brings together the concepts shared in the first three sections and provides several examples of data science applications.

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