Lavinia Suciu

Politehnica University of Timișoara

Lavinia Suciu is a reader in the Department of Communication and Foreign Languages at Politehnica University Timişoara, Romania. She teaches the following courses: Introduction to the Theories of Communication, Oral and Written Communication, Contemporary Romanian Language, Text Analysis and Production, Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis. She holds a bachelor’s and doctoral degree from the West University of Timişoara. Her Ph.D. thesis is entitled \The Institutional Discourse: Structure and Specific Functions”. It analyzes institutional communication on the basis of an original and interdisciplinary analytical model which has elements of discourse analysis, pragmatic linguistics, sociology, and psychology. Her constant interest in the interdisciplinary research of communication and in the analysis of the organization’s communication is reflected in the published and communicated scientific research papers, in the teaching materials and in the books.

Lavinia Suciu

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This book is an open access publication edited by IntechOpen. Its main goal is to summarize current research in the discourse analysis area. It provides a scientific platform for researchers to publish the latest studies and developments in both theoretical and practical aspects of discourse analysis and to make it more visible. The book is an excellent way for disseminating inspiring visions, innovative research methods, and research findings in this interdisciplinary field.It is a fact that in our postmodern times, the discourse has gained new connections and dimensions through fundamental changes and structural progress. Therefore, the research of the discourse generates new knowledge, creates a favorable atmosphere for change, and provides people with information and data that help them to benefit directly in their everyday life.

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