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Southeast University China

Yamin Liu is a clinical pharmacist and assistant professor in Zhongda hospital, Southeast University, China. She received her PhD in Clinical Pharmacy from China Pharmaceutical University. She also has been a visiting scholar in Cardiology Department, Johns Hopkins University. She has published 26 papers in local and international peer-reviewed journals in the field of pharmacy, cardiology and genomics. She is a member of the American Heart Association and Clinical Pharmacy Association of Jiangsu China. In addition, she had been awarded and completed several grants from the Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Association.

Yamin Liu

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Polymorphism or variation in DNA sequence can affect individual phenotypes such as color of skin or eyes, susceptibility to diseases, and response to drugs, vaccines, chemicals, and pathogens. Especially, the interfaces between genetics, disease susceptibility, and pharmacogenomics have recently been the subject of intense research activity. This book is a self-contained collection of valuable scholarly papers related to genetic diversity and disease susceptibility, pharmacogenomics, ongoing advances in technology, and analytic methods in this field. The book contains nine chapters that cover the three main topics of genetic polymorphism, genetic diversity, and disease susceptibility and pharmacogenomics. Hence, this book is particularly useful to academics, scientists, physicians, pharmacists, practicing researchers, and postgraduate students whose work relates to genetic polymorphisms.

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