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Paolo Saona is a Professor of Finance at John Cook School of Business, Saint Louis University in its campus of Madrid, Spain. He received his PhD at Universidad de Valladolid, Spain, and his MBA and BSc in Business at Universidad Austral de Chile. His research fields are international corporate finance, international corporate governance, capital structure decision, financial and regulatory systems, and banking systems. His research work has appeared in a number of international refereed scientific journals. He is a member of numerous international societies and served in the editorial board of several scientific journals. He has been awarded with research grants.

Paolo Saona Hoffmann

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This edited volume aims to discuss the most contemporary state of the determinants of the firm value. This book presents theoretical works as well as empirical studies that contrast the arguments offered by the leading, ground-breaking theories on the firm value. What variables determine the firm value? Are these determinants controllable or uncontrollable by the managers of the companies? Is the impact of corporate governance systems on the firm value symmetrical between different institutional contexts? Do the financial reports affect the value of the firm? What role does corporate social responsibility play as a determinant of the firm value? These and other questions are analyzed and scrutinized step by step throughout this book.

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