Alexander Vitin

University of Washington United States of America

Dr. Vitin graduated cum laude from Kharkov State Medical University in 1981 (MD). He did his residency in surgery and worked as a surgeon, then as a research fellow. Dr. Vitin obtained his Ph.D. on extracorporeal detoxication in End stage Liver Disease patients. Currently he is working as an attending anesthesiologist, faculty and an associate professor at the Department of Anesthesiology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA. Since 2014, he is UNOS-appointed Director of Transplant Anesthesia. His main area of expertise and research interests are anesthesia and perioperative care for solid organ transplantation (liver, kidney, pancreas, intestine and combinations).

Alexander Vitin

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This book is addressed to physicians and researchers working in the ever-expanding research and practice fields of transplantation medicine. Its purpose is to present the transplantation community with a collection of works written by prominent experts in a variety of transplant-related fields, encompassing the most recent scientific and practical developments and accomplishments in the highly specialized segment of transplantation medicine, such as perioperative care for organ transplant candidates and recipients.

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