Zinnat Ara Begum

Fukushima University Japan

Zinnat A. Begum received her Ph.D. in Environmental Analytical Chemistry from Kanazawa University in 2012. She achieved her Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree with a major in Applied Chemistry and a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Chemistry, all from the University of Chittagong, Bangladesh. Her work affiliations include Fukushima University, Japan (Visiting Research Fellow, Institute of Environmental Radioactivity: Mar 2016 to present), Southern University Bangladesh (Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering: Jan 2015 to present), and Kanazawa University, Japan (Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Science and Engineering: Oct 2012 to Mar 2014; Research fellow, Venture Business Laboratory, Advanced Science and Social Co-Creation Promotion Organization: Apr 2018 to Mar 2021). The research focus of Dr. Zinnat includes the effect of the relative stability of metal-chelator complexes in the environmental remediation process designs and the development of eco-friendly soil washing techniques using biodegradable chelators.

Zinnat Ara Begum

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The anthropogenic input of metals into the atmosphere is estimated to be one-to-three orders of magnitude higher than natural fluxes. Soil acts as the primary sink for anthropogenic metals among the environmental spheres. Most metals show indefinite persistence in the ecosphere due to resistance against microbial or chemical-assisted degradation. This edited book is an attempt to compile reviews and case studies from different researchers focusing on different aspects of soil contamination by metals and its subsequent remediation. The book's contents will be useful for researchers and strategists interested in the environmental aspects of soil contamination.

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