Sonja Šostar Turk

University of Maribor

Prof. dr. Sonja Šostar Turk is Vice Dean for Postgraduate Study on Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Maribor, Head of Research group for interdisciplinary sciences in health, Head of Institute for balneology and climatology. She is a full professor for the field of Environmental engineering and Textile chemistry. She has coordinated 10 EU projects, 41 national projects and 15 bilateral projects. Project FP7-SME-2007-2: with acronym SMILES received the UNITED NATIONS NATIONAL ENERGY GLOBE AWARD 2014 in the category WATER. She obtained scientific and professional training at numerous European and Universities and Institutes (Germany, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Portugal). She is a member of Slovenian Water Protection Association and Microbiological Society, International and European Water Association, International Technical Committee for Textile Care, European Food Safety Authority.

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