Ayzin Küden

Çukurova University

Ayzin B. Kuden is a full professor, physiologist, and stone fruit breeder in charge of the peach breeding program and selection and collection of fig, apricot, and almond germplasm at the University of Cukurova. She has been working for 37 years on the physiological studies of temperate fruit trees under subtropical conditions, chilling requirements and dormancy breaking, resilience to climate change, peach breeding, and releasing new cultivars. She has published more than 190 national and international scientific papers and books and was the convener of several national and international symposia, congresses and workshops, as well as a chairperson of TFTS Working Group in the International Society for Horticultural Science. She is currently working on 9 national and 2 international scientific projects.

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The book of “Prunus” contains chapters on breeding, germplasm, fruit tree physiology, and production of Prunus species, written by authors from different parts of the world. Prunus is one of the most important fruit genera widely spread according to the various climatic and soil conditions. This wide adaptability of the Prunus genus gives an opportunity for it to be grown in many parts of the world. In modern taxonomy, subgenera of Prunus such as Amygdalus, Cerasus, Laurocerasus, Lithocerasus, Padus and Prunus include many species among which Prunus persica L., Prunus domestica L., Prunus armeniaca L., Prunus avium L. are the main ones. Briefly, this book is on Prunus species, which is one of the main fruit and nursery plants grown in the world.

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