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Dr. Carine J. Yi is a Senior Research Fellow and geographic information systems (GIS) analyst at R. Park & Associates Inc. She obtained a master\'s degree in Environmental Science (Urban Planning, 1996) and a Ph.D. in Hazard Engineering from the University of Tsukuba, Japan, in 2013. She obtained her GIS Application Specialist Diploma (Graduate Program) from Sir Sandford Fleming College, Ontario, Canada, in 2009. Dr. Yi joined the Institute of International Disasters (IRIDES) at Tohoku University as an assistant professor after she worked at the National Institute of Environmental Research (NIES) in Japan. Since then, she has researched a variety of topics, including the environmental impacts of climate change, large-scale disaster risks such as floods, landslides, sea-level rise and land degradation, and human-social impacts.

Carine Yi

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Crisis Management - Principles, Roles and Application provides a comprehensive overview of crisis management in business, management, and economics. Chapters address such topics as collaborative crisis management, social media and crisis management, the role of public service organizations in emergency and crisis management, and more. This volume is a valuable resource for opening new research paths for further novel developments in the field of crisis management.

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