Vu Dang Hoang

Hanoi University of Pharmacy

Vu Dang Hoang completed his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics at the University of Strathclyde, UK, in 2005 and conducted Postdoctoral research at the Ecole Nationale d'Ingenieurs des Techniques des Industries Agricoles et Alimentaires, France, in 2006. He has been lecturing at the Department of Analytical Chemistry and Toxicology, Hanoi University of Pharmacy, Vietnam, since 2007. He became an associate professor in the field of drug quality control in 2015. His research interests include physicochemical characterization of topical drug delivery systems and chemometrics-based methods for the analysis of drugs in pharmaceutical dosage forms and biological fluids.

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Chromatography approaches are widely used in various life science applications. Since its invention by the Russian botanist Mikhail S. Tsvet in 1901, chromatography has increasingly developed into an invaluable laboratory tool for the separation and identification of chemical components. It outperforms older techniques (such as crystallization, solvent extraction, and distillation) by offering unequaled resolving power and the possibility of lowering detection limits to below nanogram levels. To further improve chromatographic methods, however, the use of chemometrics is advisable as an economical alternative to resolve any problematic situations in analysis. This book intends to provide the readers with an up-to-date application of chemometrics and data analysis to different types of chromatographic methods.

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