Natalia Beloborodova

Federal Research and Clinical Center of Intensive Care Medicine and Rehabilitology

Natalia Beloborodova is a pediatrician by education (Pirogov’s 2st Moscow medical Institute, Russia, 1980) and a clinical microbiologist by specialization (State medical academy of Postgraduate education, 2004, Moscow). She obtained her PhD in 1987 and she has been a professor from 1996. She has years of clinical experience in neonatal intensive care, general surgery, cardiac resuscitation and hospital infection problems. Professor N. Beloborodova is currently the head of the Laboratory of metabolism in the critical illness of the Negovsky Institute of General Reanimatology, which is a division of the Federal scientific and clinical center for intensive care and rehabilitation, Moscow. Based on the concept of integrating human metabolism and its microbiota, she initiated a series of interdisciplinary clinical and experimental studies. This led to the discovery of signaling microbial molecules involved in multiple organ failure and septic shock. Her work in the field of antimicrobial therapy is widely known in Russia. Recognition of scientific achievements of N. Beloborodova abroad has been confirmed by international awards, such as: • Nominal Prize of Maria Koates "Best lecturer-scientist" at the XVIII International Symposium on Gnotobiology, 2014; Gustafsson Fund, Karolinska Institutes, Stockholm, Sweden; • Award at the International Sepsis Forum-2014 for the best work «Tyrosine metabolism disorder and the potential capability of anaerobic microbiota to decrease the value of aromatic metabolites in critically ill patients»; the Pasteur Institute, Paris, France. Professor N. Beloborodova is author of 160 articles (mostly in Russian), 5 whole books, 7 chapters of books, and 3 edited books.

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