Martin Matthews

Plymouth University United Kingdom

Martin Matthews M.Phil, Dip OPTEC; MBAPO Clinical Specialist Orthotist & Researcher and Owner of DM Orthotics Ltd Martin Matthews qualified in 1981 as an orthotist from Salford Polytechnic College, before moving to Norwich in 1991. He developed his speciality in paediatrics and scoliosis management, working closely with other allied health professions in combined therapy / orthotics clinics at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust. He has always encompassed innovation in the field of orthotics and has developed the use and design options of dynamic elastomeric fabric orthoses (DEFOs) over the last 18 years. In 2008 he gained a research Masters Degree (University of East Anglia) investigating the effects of DEFOs on the child with diplegia and has presented internationally at numerous orthotic and physiotherapy conferences on scoliosis orthotic intervention in children with neuropathic onset scoliosis. He has published numerous papers in international peer reviewed journals and presented at many international conferences in for orthotics and physiotherapy, including AACPDM, SOSORT, ISPO, BAPO and AAOP academic meeting. He was the orthotic external examiner for the University of Salford Orthotic and Prosthetic degree course for 6 years. He is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Plymouth. He is responsible for the research and development at DM Orthotics Ltd, developing further the uses and functions of DEFOs in the field of sports, neurological dysfunction and musculo- skeletal rehabilitation corroboration with several universities from around the world. The latest research has been into the incorporation of functional electrical stimulation with in the Dynamic Movement Orthoses (DMO) utilising a patented membrane that removes the need for gel electrodes requiring direct skin contact to be effective.

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